And the hits just keep on coming…


Hi all,

I wanted to share a quick update on Amy’s status, sorry for not being able to do so earlier.  Unfortunately Amy is currently in the hospital with a severe lung infection.  She came in on Saturday, and though she is doing much better now than when she was first admitted, it is going to take some time for the infection to be addressed.  Because of her cancer, the doctors don’t have the same arsenal of tools they might otherwise have, and the hormones being generated by her cancer exacerbate the situation / complexity.  She is fortunately now alert and conversant, though obviously tired.

Stepping back before this most recent event, in the weeks prior we had seen continued progression of her cancer.   We had made the decision to switch off the immunotherapy she had been taking, and onto a phase I trial.  Her current infection may inhibit her ability to join the trial, so we will need to assess her options once the infection is addressed and assuming her liver function also continues to improve.

The next several days will likely be very fluid, and I am not intending to update throughout.  Her condition, and the corresponding prognosis from doctors, is ever changing so I don’t think it’s appropriate to publish a play by play.

We are fortunate to be supported by family and friends.  Our kids are well cared for as we try to maintain normalcy in their lives.  Unfortunately the doctors have asked us to keep the number of visitors to a minimum to help her recover, as much as I’m sure she’d otherwise love to see folks.  Thank you for all of the outreach with thoughts and prayers, obviously please understand if I do not reply in a timely fashion.

As we all know, Amy is incredibly strong both mentally and physically, if anyone can make it through to the other side of these challenges it will be her.  You can do anything for 20 seconds…



8 thoughts on “And the hits just keep on coming…

  1. Franklin, thanks for the update. She can do this! Like you said, if anyone can come out on the other side of this, it is Amy! Hang in. Wish there was a way to take this pain away from you guys! Sending positive vibes and love. Please tell Amy to think paddle, paddle, paddle…. She will want to get out there. Please give her my best! Christina

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    1. I’m most certainly thinking of Amy & hope she gets rid of the infection soon. Please let her know Franklin that I send her a great big hug! Thank you. GB


  2. Franklin: Thanks for the update. Sending Amy and you and the boys all our prayers and love. She is a fighter – it’s what got her inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame. She can do this. xo Laney and Rick


    1. Big hugs to you guys! She’s one tough cookie and SHE WILL BEAT THIS! Tell her we love her and are missing her on the flag fields and know she’ll be there soon. Praying for you all.
      Much love to you all – as always anything you need…
      The Stinson’s


  3. Franklin, Thank you for updating – Amy is a fighter and if there is anyone who can win this is is her with your unbelievable support and strength. Love to you, Amy and the boys.


  4. Dear Franklin and Amy, Amy and Frank. We’re not far away, but it seems like continents. Tell your beautiful wife to get out of the hospital and join us for dinner at the new Beauport Hotel. We’re missing her terribly. You, not so much.



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