I’m usually in Boston on Fridays and appreciate people reaching out but thought I would go with a short blog update rather than individual comments back to people.

First of all, our trip to Italy and France was incredible. It was a wonderful getaway with our family and Tina and Herb. We were so lucky with beautiful weather, no major hiccups and simply watching the boys eat their way around the European countryside—it made their foodie mom very proud. I’m not sure I will be making Henry frog legs regularly at home but love that he has a new food obsession….

On the health front….My health has been up and down. You can actually literally notice it just by looking at me these days. The tumors have put my cortisol levels back on rapid fire so, unfortunately, my Cushings Syndrome is back in full force. It makes your face round and red and messes with your blood pressure so your joints are swollen. These are not things most people hope for in the middle of the summer…That said, I have two new power doctors in Boston who are working hard to get all of these things under control. They noticed yesterday that the same cortisol imbalance has caused Type 2 Diabetes so more poking and prodding to make sure that we get those issues under control as well. It is a little discouraging being a healthy person by nature and fighting symptoms/ issues that I wouldn’t normally bring upon myself but these are all manageable and should just take a few weeks to balance out again. So if you see me walking slowly or with a little uncertainty, it’s just some joint issues and the baby berthas pushing around on my midsection. My plan is for joint issues  to be gone by Labor Day and we will know more imaging at that point so that imagemost of you local folks will be seeing me get myself back on the running/walking trails once that magical place called school starts again……

ENJOY THIS WEEKEND. This summer has been nothing but a reminder that we should all be soaking up every minute of the outdoors.




5 thoughts on “Fridays….

  1. Your trip looked wonderful and your “men” looked like real chefs – what a treat to watch them dive into food and the international experience. The boys look great and wish them happy back to school for me – the excitement of the first day and reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. Keep fighting the good fight – you are a winner and you will beat this. Love to all.


  2. So glad to hear you had such a fabulous trip, the photos are incredible and the smiles contagious! Your continued strength and positive attitude are admirable, thinking of you often. Stay strong!


  3. Amy – I would expect nothing less of your boys – eating frog legs and travelling around Italy – incredible – they take after their mom for sure! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I think of you all the time and am sending love and strength. XOXOXO


  4. Sounds like more than just salami for the Foster boys on your amazing trip! The photos were beautiful and so nice to see everyone having fun. Stay strong Amy Foster! You’ve got this! We are pulling for you and think of you daily. See you on the fields soon!
    Much love
    The Stinson’s


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