The Good and the Bad…

Hey all-

I am going to make this brief as, thankfully, I am still running around getting ready for our trip. Anyone else curious how Jack Jack is going to do on a trip across the ocean tonight? So the good news is that I am a born traveler, something that makes me happy to the utter core, and we are leaving tonight for a family trip to Italy. I haven’t been to Italy since I was younger and couldn’t be more excited to go back. It should be an amazing adventure. The boys can’t wait and we are going to eat and drink our way around the country.

Unfortunately, we are not leaving on the best terms. I had scans yesterday and because I am short on time this blog will be honest: they were crappy. It seems all the pain I have felt in my side is because the tumors have grown a lot and there are signs of new growth. We don’t have an action plan yet of what this means or how to handle next steps and that is a bit daunting….Luckily, in the short term it doesn’t matter. We are all about enjoying family and life right now and that is exactly what we are going to do. We will have a lot to face when we get home to figure out how to tackle Bertha and come at this at a new direction, but that will come later. For right now, the medical stuff is going to take a back burner to my spectacular family.

I say this in all of these posts but it is because I mean it—again, not a lot of time for bs these days. I am constantly surrounded by a collective support network from all of you that means the world to me. This has become an extremely hard experience—radiation was miserable–and not something I would wish others to go through. I am surrounded by such an amazing group that is there to help with me, my kids, to make me laugh, to allow me to cry (not a strength) or older brothers who remind me in all of this that you are still just their pain in the ass kid sister…imageThank you for all of it. Bertha will be no match for homemade pasta, wine and gelato this week. Bring it…..

10 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad…

  1. Go for it Amy!!!! We hope you, Franklin and your very dear boys have the best time ever!!!! You are amazing!!!! Love you all!


  2. You deserve this trip…enjoy your family and enjoy Italy! Sending best wishes for a vacation filled with no stress, lots of delicious food, loving family…and lasting memories! xoxo


  3. Woohoo!!! I am so happy to hear that you’re going!! Your trip is FINALLY Here!! Gelato is calling- have an awesome trip! Xo


  4. Dear, dear Amy …and Franklin. We hope you have an excellent trip to Bella Italia. We are now at home in Rockport, eager to see you guys. Maybe you all could come by for an afternoon at the beach and some lobster afterwards. Or else we could take one of those walks we hoped for last spring. Or else we could just hang out. Whatever. By the time you get back, most of the boxes will be empty…or, a lot of them. Or, maybe we could hook up with some of Franklins drinking buddies in Gloucester. What larks!

    Jim & Carmen


  5. So much love to you, Franklin and the boys. Enjoy your trip to Italy – it sounds amazing! Thinking of you all the time and sending love warmth and hugs. xoxoxo


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