Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend.  Hard to beat a beautiful summer weekend on the North Shore; we enjoyed a good mix of summer activities and family time.

For Amy, week one of radiation proved to be pretty tough.  Severe nausea on Monday, followed by intense pain in her side and back starting on Tuesday night.  She ended up spending Wednesday – Friday at the hospital, to allow for managing of her pain level and to ensure that there weren’t broader issues / side effects resulting from the radiation.  It appears that the pain is being driven by a tumor in her abdomen pressing against the diaphragm / pancreas, and exacerbated by inflammation of those areas from the radiation.  The hope is that the radiation will shrink this tumor, such that in a few weeks once radiation is done she will have much less discomfort.  Unfortunately in the interim she has to continue with her treatments – five down and five more to go, ending next Monday.  She is soldering on, with the same determination and positive attitude she has shown throughout.

As part of this process, we did also get a new set of scans done to gauge the impact of her immunotherapy treatment.  On the positive side, we are seeing some shrinkage in her lungs and liver areas – not gone, but at least smaller.  The abdomen region, where she is having the greatest pain, is a bit more mixed with growth in some areas and shrinkage in others.  Hopefully the combo of immunotherapy and radiation will reverse direction in that area – next set of scans to gauge the progress will be in a month or so.

On a separate note, I wanted to make folks aware that they can “Follow” this blog in order to be notified of when we post updates – just click on the call out box at the bottom right corner of the page and enter your email.

Thank you for all the continued love and support – it has given us tremendous strength throughout this process.


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